Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Whatever next - invisible swivels

An American tackle company has just unveiled an invisible swivel. Aquateko claims the InvisaSwivel, made from a hi-tech flourocarbon-like material, will trigger more strikes from wary predators.

The firm has also launched a new titanium nickel trace material. In a press release, it says:
"We've had guys tell us that it's the best thing they've ever used for pike and muskie leader, because it simply never kinks or corrodes. They can fish for days and weeks with just one leader. And they can tie new rigs in seconds. Of course, the stretch factor amazes everyone. We've even had anglers use it as a shock leader on giant tarpon and other powerful fish."
For more on both, click here. Hat tip Illinois Outdoors.

+++For Neville Fickling's thoughts on titanium trace wires, click here.

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