Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Pike fishing is great, says blogger Mick

Mick Hastings is one of pike fishing's more laid-back characters, but that calm exterior hides a real passion for the sport.

He writes an excellent blog detailing the ups and downs of some of his piking trips in Norfolk and further afield.

His latest post's a real belter, describing a two-day trip afloat that eventually yielded a good fish.
I hardly had time to ponder on this before a flat spot caused by oil on the surface attracted my attention, had something chomped the Bluey? Yes! The float was sliding away! The resulting strike put a proper bend in the rod, lovely! I found myself attached to a big angry Pike that didn't want to come near the boat then had a similar reaction to the landing net. After a brief tug of war and lots of boiling water she was mine! Into the sladle, unhooked then weighed, a quick photo before being admired briefly, (bootiful!) and returned. Job done!
Fishing is Great's the name - click here to enjoy.

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