Sunday, 28 November 2010

Italians ponder incredible pike markings

Our friends over at Esox Italia have been looking at some of the incredible markings pike display in their country.

Their blog's worth a look too. Catch and release is taking off across Europe, just as it did in the UK in the late 1970s after the Pike Anglers Club was formed.

They've just done an interview with PAC secretary Graham Slater - click here to read it.

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  1. Thanks friends for posting a link to our new web site! Esox Italy was created this year as a national association that brings together all the major Italian pike fishing clubs. The main purposes of Esox Italy are the protection of the pike, due to its important role in nature, in particular of the Italian phenotype, a rare variety found only in Italy, and more in general the diffusion of C&R in modern pike fishing and the conservation and restoration of the aquatic ecosystems. Since we share several aspects in the vision of pike fishing and conservation I hope we will have opportunities to start fruitful collaborations with the PACGB.

    Tight lines!

    Lorenzo Pareschi

    President of Esox 2000 (one of the founding clubs of Esox Italy)