Thursday, 11 November 2010

I'm sorry I killed a 30lbs pike, says Murray

An angler who killed a thirty on a Scottish loch has apologised to pike anglers.

As we revealed two days ago, he killed the fish because he lacked the tools or know-how to unhook it. More here.

Now the angler, who posts as MurrayG on a sea fishing forum, says he'll respect the species in future.

In a fresh post on the site, he says: "The intention was not to anger anyone and I respect the fact that you have come on and shared your feelings regarding this, which as I said before, I will, now that I am more aware of the situation, seek to respect in future.

"If your intention was to educate then job done. I'm a big boy who can admit when he has possibly made a mistake and learn from it."

PAC secretary Graham Slater replied to the original post, pointing out the need to conserve pike.

"Hopefully we've all learned something, that was the whole point of me coming on here to point out how we do things," he said.

There's a wealth of information on our website about everything from why pike matter as part of a balanced fishery, to how to safely unhook them.

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