Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Campaigning for pike conservation in Devon

Devon PAC hope to get the club that controls fishing on the Grand Western Canal to adopt some rules in place to help safeguard its pike stock.

The canal hit the headlines three years ago, when PAC members caught pike which had been crudely tagged by having plastic cable ties pushed through their backs (left).

The culprit or culprits were never caught. But the PAC's response made all the local papers and even the BBC news, and the tagging stopped after that.

Now the Devon region plans to lobby the Tiverton & District Angling Club AGM, at the town's Conservative Club, on Friday (7.30pm).

Their blog reports:

"At the moment the club have no rules in their handbook relating to pike angling, care and welfare.

"We have written to them with a view to addressing this. Also we would like to bring up the question of what seems to be a fairly haphazard approach to the bailiffing of the canal.

"Any members of the club who would like to come along and support us would be very welcome."
Click here for the Devon blog.

Click here for BBC report on the tagging.

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