Saturday, 20 November 2010

Mark reads the riot act on fish theft

A pike fishing former police officer has read out the riot act on fish theft, with some no-nonsense advice to fishery bosses.

Ex-bobby Mark Leathwood believes more offenders could be prosecuted if clubs and owners knew their rights, and the evidence needed to bring a prosecution.

"Why are we so often told in the angling press that the authorities are unable to tackle these problems," he asks.

Mark, who served with the Cheshire force, tells of his experiences in the latest edition of Pikelines - the members' magazine of the Pike Anglers Club.

Of one incident, he says: "The custody officer at our divisional HQ almost had palpitations when I turned up in the early hours with four prisoners arrested for attempting to take fish by night.

"I hope you know what you're doing here,' he said, as he booked them in.

"I could see that he was pondering the likely repercussions of four unlawful arrests but later, having checked the legislation for himself, he was much happier about the whole affair.

"The four prisoners admitted the offence when interviewed, were charged and bailed to the magistrates' court, subsequently convicted and fined. Result."

Copies of the article are being circulated to police forces nationally, by a senior enforcement officer from the Environment Agency.

We've now published his account in full on our website. It's a must read for anyone whose waters have been targeted.

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