Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Scottish 30 killed through ignorance

This picture will anger any pike angler who cares about conservation.

A fish claimed at over the magical 30lbs mark, which was apparently killed with barely a second thought - because the captor said he didn't have the tools or know-how to unhook and return it.

"I headed out for a days fly and spinning for trout in Inverness today, only to return with a 30lb Pike taken on an 8g mepp using 8lb line," he told members of a Scottish sea fishing forum. "I am still in a state of shock!"

The picture is freely available on the internet. We've obscured the angler's face and name.

He goes on: "Spinner was stuck in its mouth and, well, I didnt have the right tools with me to remove it and there ain't no way I was sticking my hand in for it."

Caught in May from a Scottish loch, the incident was highlighted by PAC members north of the border - some of whom were shocked at the cavalier killing of the pike.

"As a pike angler and member of Inverness Pike Anglers Club, as well as the PAC and Pike Anglers Alliance for scotland this is shocking," one posted. "Why the hell kill such a superb fish?"

PAC secretary Graham Slater appealed direct to the angler who boasted of killing the fish.

"Whilst I appreciate that you are a sea angling club and probably unaware of the current climate of pike conservation, it is generally frowned upon nowadays to take a pike of this size. The killing and eating of one pike under 65cms is deemed as the norm in our conservation minded society now although we realise that this wasn't always the case.

"I'd hope that in future you'd return such a fish so that other anglers may also enjoy the capture at a later date."

Another angler said: "It's plain to see that some anglers need educating in the art of dealing with old Esox.

"The captor stated that the spinner was stuck in the fish's mouth and he wasn't prepared to 'stick his hand in for it' as he didn't have the right tools."

Information about why it's important to conserve pike to maintain a balanced fishery - not to mention how to unhook and return them safely - is available on our website.

Click here to learn more about the pike and pike fishing.

***I'm sorry I killed a 30, says Murray - click here for more.

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