Saturday, 13 November 2010

Is pike fishing getting easier or harder, PAC poll

We've all been wondering about this one, so we thought we'd have a poll to see what the pike anglers who visit our blog think.

The question's a simple one - is pike fishing getting any easier or not..?

We've seen some incredible captures in recent seasons. But how has your fishing fared..? No names, no pack-drill - we don't care if you've caught 100 twenties or your best's a low double.

Think back to when you started pike fishing and compare it with last season, or how it's going now. Are your waters on the up or in decline..?

Take part in our poll and let us know by next Saturday's closing date. The poll wotsit will be live on the right until then.

Mail a link to your fishing mates, put it on your blog or website, or bung it out on Facebook or Twitter - or add a comment if you've got a view on why things are getting better or worse.

1 comment:

  1. Here in Finland in waters were I fish I have never ever done so many blank trips then this season,but the size have been bigger(PB 114cm/10,3kg)+many fishes +5kg:s.
    Year after year it seems to be harder to find Pikes,dont know why?