Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Does this picture show a record pike..?

MONSTER: But is it a world record pike..?

Does this picture show the world record pike - that's the question Pikelines is asking, about this fish, caught in Holland by German angler Uli Beyer.

The weight was estimated at 26kg - or 57lbs in old money, beating the claimed world record by 2lbs.

Looking at the size of the Zalt lure in its laughing gear, a rough estimate puts it at 140cms long.

Neville Fickling reckoned it's over 40lbs. Mick Brown wasn't so sure - he told Angling Times continentals favour wide-angle shots of fish, which can make them look bigger.

***Hat tip AT for the story and permission to use the pic, which is their copyright. See Pikelines for more on the story. We're trying to contact Uli, so may have more on this if we get hold of him.

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