Saturday, 13 November 2010

And here is the weather...

Pike anglers are worse than farmers, when it comes to moaning about the weather.

Too clear, too cloudy - we could do with some decent frosts, etc. We even have our own weather lore - overcast, low pressure troughs for deads; high-pressure best for lives or lures.

Then there's the classic adage: "When the wind's in the west, the fishing's best. When the wind's in the east, the fish bite the least."

Some religiously listen to the shipping forecast on Radio Four. Dogger, Humber, will they bite..?

Ever wished you knew what it was going to do before you get our there - like the chap in the picture..?

Hat tip Metcheck, who provide almost hour-by-hour forecasts for all areas of the UK. Enter your postcode in the widget wotsit over on the right, to find out what the weather's going to do down your way.

You can also set up alerts for your fave fishing spots, to get the following day's forecast e-mailed to you each afternoon.

We'll drop it down the sidebar in a few days' time. Have fun with it in the meantime.

+++Got a weather theory..? Stick it in our comments.

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