Tuesday, 11 October 2011

So what's the weather really going to do..?

BRRRR - a frosty dawn on Norfolk's River Bure

So what IS the weather going to do this season..? More to the point, are we facing the freeze-up that's hit the headlines over the last couple of weeks - hot on the heels of the drought and short-lived indian summer..?

There are stacks of weather sites where you can check conditions before you head out. Some give longer-term predictions, though these don't always prove to be on the button. Here's a couple of useful sites:

Metcheck.com - offers tailored forecasts by postcode, which are useful if you're watching a particular water or area to see how conditions pan out. More here

Metoffice.gov - the Met Office website. Lots of data and forecasts you can dip into by region or area, along with real-time(ish) maps. They also do an app you can download if you have an iPhone More here.

Accuweather.com - new kid on the block that offers forecasts by postcode and 15-day predictions, along with a mobile app that offers an hour-by-hour forecast. More here.

Found any others that are worth a look..? Let us know.

+++Heavy snowfalls and temperatures as low as -20 on the way. More here.

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