Saturday, 1 October 2011

Piking2012 venue announced

Next year's Pike Anglers Club Convention will be held at Pavillions of Harrogate on Saturday, September 22. PAC Convention Organiser Colin Goodge announced the news at the close of this year's event at Kettering.

"I thought to be fair we should go further north to show support for all those lads up that way," said Colin. "I asked Brian Birdsall and Peter Green to look at and select a number of venues up that way, I then went up and met Brian and we looked at them and decided Pavillions of Harrogate was in the best accessable position and offered us the best facilities at the right price."

Work on organising next year's event is already under way. In the meantime, stick September 22 in your diary. And stay tune for more news soon - subscribe to our blog, or follow @pikelines on Twitter for all the latest on Piking2012.

Click here for more on today's event.

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