Monday, 3 October 2011

The latest pike fishing gadget - from TESCO

It was Mrs Pikelines who found it on a trip to Tesco. "I've got you a present," she said. "It was only £3 but I thought it would be good for fishing."

Mrs P turned out to be spot-on, because for £3 you can get this sexy little precision file that's just the job for sharpening up the hooks on your bait fishing traces.

It's pen-sized, with a clip to go on a pocket or keep it safe in your bag or rucker. Unscrew the knob at the end and a retractable file slides out with a groove (left) that's just right for the size of trebles most people use for bait fishing.

One or two swipes soon restored the point to some tired old VMC hooks out of one of last season's rig bins.

Blunt hooks can cost you fish. It really is that simple. If they fail to find a secure hold, sod's law says they'll come out when that big twenty rears up and tail walks, throwing your bait as it goes skywards.

Most modern hooks are sharp straight out of the packet. But you'd be surprised how quickly they blunt - especially if you fish gravel pits.

Who'd have thought Tesco would have the answer, in a surprisingly good little gadget..?


  1. That is a sweet little file! I don't know what Tesco is must be a UK thing? But I want one.

  2. i have used a hook sharpener for a few years now, easy lap i think it is called. very handy bit of kit.