Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Could new super line spell the end for braid

Most predator anglers these days use braid. Its super strength and zero stretch have revolutionised both bait and lure fishing.

Now tackle giants Berkeley have unveiled what they claim is the next generation of super-line. Called Nanofil, it's being billed as a cross between braid and a hi-tech mono, spun from hundreds of micro filaments.

Total Coarse Fishing has more on the story here.

From one of our Twitter followers @canadiandayman: "That Nanofil is absolutely awesome! Super sensitive an I CANNOT break the 8lbs test without a knife..." Anyone else tried it..?

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  1. Dont you just love it when you have been out buying new Spiderwire EZ, Then this happens, A new line, If its so unbreakable 8Lb will we be doing away with wire traces, Worth thinking about i guese,