Sunday, 16 October 2011

Frost, snow - pike fishing weather on the way

If you've been moaning about how how mild it's been, be careful what you wish for. For arctic temperatures are on the way this week, according to the papers.

The mercury fell to nearly -2C in Santon Downham, on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. last night. Parts of the Fens saw their first frost. Elsewhere, forecasters reckon Scotland and the North could even be in for some snow this week.More on that here.

Rain's on the way too, which will warm the hearts of river anglers. We posted some links to weather sites a few days back - click here if you missed it.

Whether the first proper cold snap gets 'em on the feed or more pike are caught because more people are out fishing for them's a moot point.

But one thing's certain - there's nothing like the first frosts to get pike anglers itching to get out there and at 'em.

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