Friday, 4 February 2011

The picture that will shock every pike angler

Pike matches are in the spotlight tonight over claims a cheating angler in Ireland stuffed a lead bar down a fish's throat in a bid to win a contest.

Anger erupted on internet forums after photographs of the fish were published online.

It was claimed a bankside autopsy revealed the lead bar after the fish was found dead the day after a competition.

"On handling the pike something hard was felt in its stomach," one poster said. "The pike was opened up and a lead bar was found. What sort of idiot would go so far to try to win a prize."

Mainstream media and the angling press are now chasing a story. The facts remain unclear, amid a storm of hearsay and allegations.

We are unable to comment on specifics of this incident, but are in touch with people who are trying to get to the bottom of it.

They are asking the same question as the rest of the pike angling world tonight.

If this is how far a so-called pike angler is prepared to go to win a prize, what is our sport coming to..?

+++UPDATE: British Pike Squad blog reveals a "pike action group" which has come to the fore since the incident is not all it seems - more here.

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