Sunday, 27 February 2011

Buckets of rain - but dig that poncho

It's a toss up which picture best sums up today's PAC bash. Here's Jabba the Skip, as he shall now henceforth be known, decked out in next season's must-have rainwear - a kind of special forces brolly you can wear.

Despite the sunny forecast and a few tentative takes and lost fish early on, it soon clouded over up in the badlands west of Peterbotough today.

Then bucketed in down, and some. And the 30 or so faithful who turned out at Bluebell Lakes managed to chalk up a resounding blank, with just a handful of lost fish to mull over.

Here's Darren "Daz" Conroy bending into a camera-shy double that fell off seconds after the snap was taken.

Nice water, on the plus side. We were well-impressed by the total lack of litter and how well looked-after the place is.

There were pegs with substantial decking for the wheelchair-bound guys who turned up to fish from - not the half-hearted "disabled swims" you sometimes see stuck in the corners no-one else wants to fish.

One of our number tried a few swims on the river and - apart from managing just one lost fish - reckoned that looked nice as well, despite the fact it was rocketing through.

All in all, a water that's definitely worth a return visit. Don't be put off by the fact it's a premier league carp water.

There are still a couple of events left before we pack up for the summer. Let's hope the weather and the fishing pick up.

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