Sunday, 6 February 2011

Big enough to land a whale, with *ahem*

"That's big enough to land a whale with a stiffy on," the chap in the tackle shop said, with an all too-knowing look that told me he probably spent his time looking at pictures of whales on the internet when he wasn't selling landing nets to the likes of me...

Each to his own, in these enlightened times. But not so long ago, the old 50-inch North Western landing net was a favourite with pike anglers.

Its popularity owed as much to the fact you could buy spares like arms and mesh if you trod on one, or encountered a whale with the proverbial stalk on.

While the arms lasted almost forever - as long as you didn't stand on them, the mesh was as prone as any to the odd flying treble, not to mention the attentions of mice and the inevitable rot.

Where can I get replacement 50-inch mesh, is a question you sometimes see on pike fishing forums (including ours...).

Now added to the Friends in the Trade section of our links (scroll down the right, keep going for ages, you'll get there eventually...) is replacement 50-inch mesh from the Tackle Shop, Gainsborough.

On the plus-side it's not only cheaper than a new 50-inch net, you get some free string with it.

On the downside, the replacement mesh is all micromesh - meaning hooks will catch in it and in a season or two, you'd have been asking where to get replacement mesh from if we hadn't posted yet another helpful link.

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