Sunday, 6 February 2011

Chew Valley bookings slammed, shock

Chew Valley's booking system has been well and truly "slammed", according to Angling Times, which reports there are anglers unhappy at not securing a date for what it describes as the "UK's best big pike water".

This sort of slamming has been going on for years in pike fishing. Rewind to when Menteith was fishing its nuts off. Or - going back a bit - Llandegfedd.

What is worth noting is the sheer volume of people applying for places at Chew. Bristol Water, which runs the 1,200-acre reservoir, reckons it received 850 applications for this year's dates. That's right, 850.

Does this reflect the quality of the fishing at Chew - or how bad the fishing's been everywhere else this winter...?

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  1. 'Slammed'...mmmmm - that is the kind of headline you would expect from the Sun. What next? "Chew Booking Horror".

    I see Chew pike returns have been down for the second year in a row - bigger average size, but fewer caught. First sign of a decline?