Sunday, 12 December 2010

Zandavan launch new bite alarms

PAC Convention regulars might remember Barry McConnell demonstrating his Zandavan rollover bite indicators.

Now he's back with another new alarm - a drop-off with a mercury tilt switch, which clips to the rod and will set you back less than a tenner.

Most predator anglers are sold on similar bite indication, whether they use a front alarm coupled with a rear drop-off or one of the rear alarms which do both jobs.

What's slightly different about these new arrivals is you don't need banksticks. Boat anglers take note. Pike anglers who like to travel light might also find this of interest.

Barry's blurb says: "The alarm was originally designed to go on the rod. It has a bracket that is clamped to the rod with the rubber ‘o’ rings provided.

"The adjustable line-clip is attached to the line in such a position where the tilt switch, which is next to the line clip near the end of the flex, is raised above horizontal.

"Then, when the line is pulled out of the clip, the flex drops down to activate the tilt switch. The indicator tucks neatly out of the way beneath the rod where the flex doesn’t get in the way when casting or winding in.

Click here for more and how to order.

Barry's also teamed up with Steve Bown, of Billy's Backbiters, to produce a new version of his Rollover indicator. More in the clip below:

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