Thursday, 16 December 2010

Set lines found on top Devon pike water

The Exeter Canal is the latest water to be targeted with illegal set lines to catch and kill pike.

Devon PAC report the gear was found near the Double Locks on the Westcountry waterway, which has produced the largest pike caught in the county. More here.

There are few pike waters in Devon, with just the Exeter Canal, River Exe, Grand Western Canal and Trenchford Reservoir holding the species.

Devon PAC blog goes on: "Anybody who fishes the canal should be on the lookout for anything/anyone suspicious.

"If you do see anything untoward then please gather as much info as you can. Numbers of people, descriptions etc and report it as soon as possible."

The EA's 24hr hotline is 0800 807060 (add to your mobile...). Controlling club Exeter DAA 07967 251443.

The latest find was clearly aimed at pike, as lines were baited with dead roach on snap tackles. The EA is now investigating.

It comes after a number of pike were found dead on a Lincolnshire Drain two weeks ago, like the one pictured above. More on that here and here.

+++How to spot the pike killers' handiwork and what you can do here.

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