Saturday, 4 December 2010

Welcome to pike fishing's top blog

A big welcome to all our new readers. Our web stats show we're getting a lot more traffic these days, and a lot of people are visiting this blog for the first time.

Perhaps it's stories like our exclusive report on the Lincolnshire pike killers, which was followed up by the newspapers - click here, if you missed it or our advice on how to spot set lines.

We also published Bristol Water's candid response in full, bringing you the facts about the future of pike fishing at Chew Valley - click here, to read that.

Behind the news, we bring you some of the best when it comes to pike fishing blogs and what's going on around the regions. Just scroll down the sidebar on the right to see all the latest posts.

We've also got a growing collection of links to pike fishing tips, ranging from beginner's guides to bait or lure fishing, to more advanced stuff.

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