Sunday, 12 December 2010

Rod licence numbers down, shock

A lot of pike anglers won't be surprised by the news that rod licence sales have taken a dive.

Sales in some categories are down by 10pc, according to a story in this week's Angling Times. But does that really mean less people are going fishing..?

Tony Bridgefoot, boss of Northants fishery Bluebell Lakes, probably hits the nail on the head as to why:

“Lower rod licence sales might indicate that more guys are risking fishing without one - after all, no one seems to check them, do they," he tells the paper.

The truth is that in many areas of the country, you probably stand more chance of getting struck by lightning than having your licence checked.

Spring bank holidays usually see a flurry of checks on day ticket fisheries, coupled with prosecutions in magistrates courts up and down the country a few weeks later. That's usually more or less it for the season in most areas.

So is it any wonder if people are risking it in the current recession - or just buying one licence, instead of their normal two.

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