Sunday, 13 May 2012

New 12th National Committee

The PAC are proud to announce the New 12th Committee to carry them through the next three years.
Chairman: John Synnuck
President & PL Editor: Dilip Sarkar
General Secretary: Alan Dudhill
Joint Membership Secs: Brian Birdsall & John Keeley
Advertising Manager: Chris Liebbrandt
Products Manager: Mark Skinner
Convention Manager: Colin Goodge
Events Manager: Pete Foster
Webmaster: Mike Skipper
Press Officer: Dominic Garnett
Treasurer: Giles Hill

Non-Committee roles: -

PAC Angling Development Officer: Eric Edwards

Team Pikelines

Editor: Dilip Sarkar (12 PAC)
Design & Production Manager: Steve Ormrod
Advertising Manager: Chris Liebbrandt (12PAC)
Editorial Assistant: Roger Howes
Press & News: Dominic Garnett (12PAC) + Dan Williams
PAC Photographer: Tom Balaam
Young Pikers: James Sarkar
Team Internet to be announced at a later date.

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