Monday, 14 November 2011

In pictures: 36lbs scottish pike to Kevin Martin

The following e-mail has arrived at PAC Towers from scottish angler Kevin Martin. It comes after rumours of a near 40lbs pike from an un-named loch - Kevin has now sent us two pictures of the fish.
"I caught a 36lb 2oz pike on the 12th of this month with rod and line using dead bait a 12 foot zenith pike rod a bait runner 60 reel and 20lb braid using (full eel) my wife and I were fishing a loch in scotland that I would prefer not to name as we are the only two people who have permission to fish it," he said.

"The fish weighed 37lb 5oz weighed in my fox landing net the nets weight is 1lb 3oz when wet. We used digital scales and non digital scales to weigh the fish. The fish was clean hooked in the upper lip and was returned to the loch unharmed.

"I have been pike fishing for 20 years and this is by far my pb, it would be grately appreciated if you could list this catch on your website as its a massive achievement for me after so many years angling."

Kevin describes himself as a big chap - 6ft and 20-stone. Clearly a big fish, as you can see from the second picture. 


  1. this fish is not 37 lb

  2. Nice fish no doubt about that. But I think your scales need double checking!!!! Mid twenty at best in my humble opinion...

  3. Agreed. Deffo not the claimed weight, in fact nowhere close. Does that look like blood coming from the gills in the first pic? Unusual for a 'lip-hooked' fish. Looking at the same point in the second pic, i hope that isnt what it looks like hanging out the lower gill cover?!!!!!