Friday, 23 September 2011

POLL: How good's the pike fishing going to be this winter..?

There's a drought on in the Fens. The rivers are clear as gin elsewhere.

And to cap it all, they reckon we're heading for another freeze-up, with one forecaster predicting snow as early as the end of October for parts of the North and Scotland.

So the question everyone's asking is will this winter be any better than the last one on the pike fishing front..?

Can things get any worse than last winter, when many waters were frozen solid for weeks on end - or do you think things can only get better, results-wise.

Add your vote to our poll over on the right. And let us know how you think the winter will pan out.


  1. I'm not sure about all things Pike (though there are some SERIOUSLY big pike in the Wye) but I do know that the Daily Express isn't a reliable source of news - in fact, it's probably the worst 'newspaper' in the UK (yes, worse than the Mail or the Star) and you can't believe a word in there. Utter garbage.

  2. Hmm, is this on a par with last year when they forecast a "barbecue summer"? The forecaster's can't accurately predict beyond tomorrow if truth be told, get out and fish while you can, you might get hit by a bus next week!