Thursday, 13 May 2010

Summer Pikelines is hot stuff

Cutting edge lure tactics, along with all the latest news and views from the world of pike fishing are packed into Summer's 72-page edition of Pikelines.

Pike Anglers Club president Tim Kelly asks if anyone else out there can see the bigger picture, as powerful conservation interests look to impose their will on angling.

The threats to our sport are as real as when the PAC was formed more than 30 years ago.

But as well as fighting to conserve the pike and pike fishing, our members show they're no slouches when it comes to catching them.

Andy Charmer tells the exclusive story behind the capture of a 40lbs specimen from in-form Chew.

And Westcountry PAC stalwart Jules Chidgey has become the first pike angler to win the Drennan Cup - the most coveted prize in specimen angling.

Jules will be topping the bill of speakers at the PAC Convention at Kettering, on September 25, along with Eric Edwards, Mark Ackerley and Gary Knowles.

There's a full preview of the biggest predator fishin event of the year, along with reports from PAC events and fish-ins, and regional news from up and down the country.

Tactics-wise, we focus on lure fishing with a masterclass from Fens maestro Mark Phillips, a thought-provoking look at leaders from Mark Leathwood and some tips on tarting up those spinnerbaits from Good Ole Gordy (weeee-haaaa).

We've also got the inside track on the ongoing BAA livebait debacle, while committee members and our regional organisers report on some of the other battles the club's currently engaged in.

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