Tuesday, 6 April 2010

It's election time - so what will they do for angling

OK, David Cameron hasn't joined the PAC (yet). But as campaigning starts in earnest for the May 6 general election, we're wondering what any of the parties are going to do for the nation's anglers and our fisheries.

Predator anglers are having a bumpy ride at the moment, with the BAA bait ban, so-called conservationists telling us we've got to kill zander and proposals to ban bivvying up in parts of Scotland.

Gordon Brown's hosting a special people's PMQs (Prime Ministers Questions) tomorrow.

If you click here, you can submit your own question. So why not ask him what he's going to do to get zander taken off the alien list - or about any other angling issue that gets your goat.

If enough of us do it, you never know...

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