Monday, 21 May 2012

Peter Green PAC Lifetime Achievement Award

The PAC would like to congratulate Peter Green on his Lifetime achievement award, which was  awarded for his commitment and dedication to the PAC.

Peter has worked tirelessly for the club and his award is fully deserved, we would also like to take this  opportunity in thanking Peter for everything he has done.

Peter collecting his award from Ex PAC general secretary Graham Slater at this years AMM.
Photo by Tom Balaam, Roving Photographer - Team Pikelines.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

PAC Awards 2012

It's the time of year when we have the honour of announcing the recipients of annual PAC awards. It is never easy to arrive at the eventual winners, because there are so many people working quietly behind the scenes, but when you see this year's then I'm pretty sure you'll agree that all are very deserving. The committee were unanimous when it came down to the final decision and we hope you'll join us in congratulating them.

Barrie Rickards Pike Angler of The Year - Mark Green
This years Barrie Rickards Pike Angler of The Year is none other than Mark Green. We very much doubt that there is anyone out there who hasn't heard of Mark at some time. When we asked on the forum "How did you come across the PAC?" even we were surprised at the amount of people who gave Mark's name! New LO for Yorkshire, Regional Organiser for a very busy and successful Region, organiser of teach ins, successful syndicate on an RSPB Reserve and big fish captor, it just goes on: a tremendous ambassador for pike angling generally and the PAC in particular - and a very worthy winner.

Regional Organiser of The Year - Micky Jones & Rab Hay
This years Regional Organiser of The Year is a joint award and goes to Mickey Jones & Rab Hay - who do a fantastic job in the North of Scotland. Not only do they attract new members, in what is not a pike hot spot, but encourage juniors with regular teach-ins. Add to their efforts in running the region the fact that they are on top of any issues pike related which may crop up  and you begin to see why we have recognised that effort, I could go on, organised fish-ins, barbecue weekends, annual prize giving are all a part of the Inverness Region
President's Shield 2011-12 - Eric Edwards
The President's Shield isn't necessarily an annual award, rather one that is given if we think it merited. This year's winner has done a staggering amount over the last eighteen months or so. We give you none other than Eric Edwards. Eric's on-going work with juniors and coaching in general remains outstanding. So we thought it appropriate that this be formally recognised. A big 'well done' mate, and am equally big 'thank you'.

Friday, 18 May 2012

NEW PAC Angling development Officer role

NEW PAC Angling development Officer role.

PAC Angling Development Officer: Eric Edwards

A qualified angling coach and winner of the prestigious 2012 President's Shield, Eric has already inspired PAC with his commitment to encouraging young anglers. Eric will be looking at further ways to disseminate best practice to our Regional Associations; he said 'Pike fishing is hard for a beginner. It is also dangerous. To make a difference it will take a lot of effort from the regions - some have already made a great start and if we can encourage others to do likewise we'll soon have plenty of young people ready to join us'. PAC is also undertaking a complete multi-media upgrade, including a new website, online quarterly magazine and mobile phone 'Apps' - a holistic package intended to be more appealing to youngsters. New PAC President Dilip Sarkar said 'It is vital that young people are introduced to pike fishing, because without a new generation of pike anglers who will look after Esox Lucius when we're gone? Angling is also a great way of enjoying the outdoors and occupying youngsters, so Eric has the Club's full support in his new role.'

Sunday, 13 May 2012

New 12th National Committee

The PAC are proud to announce the New 12th Committee to carry them through the next three years.
Chairman: John Synnuck
President & PL Editor: Dilip Sarkar
General Secretary: Alan Dudhill
Joint Membership Secs: Brian Birdsall & John Keeley
Advertising Manager: Chris Liebbrandt
Products Manager: Mark Skinner
Convention Manager: Colin Goodge
Events Manager: Pete Foster
Webmaster: Mike Skipper
Press Officer: Dominic Garnett
Treasurer: Giles Hill

Non-Committee roles: -

PAC Angling Development Officer: Eric Edwards

Team Pikelines

Editor: Dilip Sarkar (12 PAC)
Design & Production Manager: Steve Ormrod
Advertising Manager: Chris Liebbrandt (12PAC)
Editorial Assistant: Roger Howes
Press & News: Dominic Garnett (12PAC) + Dan Williams
PAC Photographer: Tom Balaam
Young Pikers: James Sarkar
Team Internet to be announced at a later date.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Stoke On Trent Canal

Thanks to some very dilligent work by one of the PAC members. An angling club's chairman who went behind the members of the club and arranged for a large section of canal to be electro-fished with all pike in the stretch being removed, has been forced to resign. 
The members dilligent work in searching out the truth and in then bringing it forward to the club's meeting has shown that even an individual has a voice that can be heard and can make a difference in protecting our waterways and the right for pike and predators to a place in the natural ecological balance.
The out-going 11th Pac Committee had worked behind the scenes in offering advice and support to the member whilst he searched for the truth in bringing this issue forward to be dealt with. A credit to the individual concerned, and just one of te reasons the PAC continues to exist and thrive since it's inception in 1977 some 35 years ago.